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Recent content by Adam Greer

  1. Adam Greer

    INXY hosting marketplace – dedicated servers, content delivery network, managed DNS and other hosting related services

    Dear forum users!  We are glad to present INXY Hosting marketplace!  INXY is the unique marketplace where you can choose from the vast array of hosting services, getting the most advanced solutions for your budget and ask for help and advice of quality engineers.  Why choose INXY? ·        ...
  2. Adam Greer

    Website Promotion through Social Media?

    I think social networks are an excellent platform for the promotion of any project and the web site is no exception
  3. Adam Greer

    What type of protection do sites using managed hosting receive?

    A good hosting provider, besides the server itself, offers its protection, it comes in a package. Included in the price
  4. Adam Greer

    What is the best cloud hosting for a forum?

    No matter what hosting you are looking for, it is important to pay attention to the support. Sometimes even the prices are not so important and you can overpay, the main thing is to be sure that the site will not fall
  5. Adam Greer

    Wordpress hosting

    Today, WordPress hosting offers virtually every hosting service provider, so it’s not a problem to choose a suitable option for a reasonable price
  6. Adam Greer

    Need a new vps hosting with free cpanel/whmcs

    A good VPS starts at a price of a couple of dollars. Of course, you will have to look for a suitable provider where price and quality will be combined. But in the market of hosting services there are many decent providers.
  7. Adam Greer

    $1.00 web hosting

    I do not advise to trust companies offering hosting services at a too low price or for free. Most likely the support will not be the best.
  8. Adam Greer

    What do you think is important for you when you choosing a host?

    Of course, price does matter when choosing a hosting service, but as for me adequate support as much more important.
  9. Adam Greer

    What are the differences between dedicated and VPS?

    What is better - definitely can not be said. It all depends on the site and project. It is important that the support does not fail and the pricing policy of the servers was appropriate.
  10. Adam Greer

    Searching for hosting to launch my store

    It is important to remember that when choosing a hosting a large role is played by support. The more quickly the experts will resolve the issues that arise, the greater the likelihood that the site will not fall at one point.