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Recent content by Beverly

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    Security form web access

    In principle it will always be the same structure, the security extras will mainly be jquery / php checks / validations ... you can in the first instance ask for secure passwords, as you have seen in many sites: the password must contain 1 numeral, 1 uppercase and a length of at least 8...
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    Does your host comply with DMCA notices?

    If your host company does not honor DMCA, then I would worry what other illegal activities they are allowing from other members. What your host company allows could affect your own website security, especially if they are letting others upload malicious software or scripts that could breach...
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    How do I move a domain to cloud hosting?

    I would recommend transferring your domain when you sign up because if you wait, then you will have to change the DNS/name servers on your own. Ask your hosting company for help or tutorials if you need to know more as their procedure may differ from what you are accustomed to now.
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    $1.00 web hosting

    And, since your web hosting is not free, you are more likely to attract higher quality clients. Free websites often attract spammers who use the free sites as part of elaborate spam/blog networks for backlinking purposes. Even charging $1.00 will deter these people who would rather spend...
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    Does it matter if your hosting is located in your country?

    It only matters where your traffic is coming from. So for instance, if most of your traffic is in the UK or over seas, then you would want to get a host there rather than in the states. However, if you have cloud based hosting, they are likely to have servers all over the world, so it won't...
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    What are some acceptable uses of cloud hosting?

    As everyone else said, you could not use the cloud for illegal activities or you could be both criminally and civilly liable. And, it's not so hard to be caught when dealing over the internet, no matter how well you think you are protected. A number of things might be prohibited when it comes...
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    How do you attract the noobie webmaster?

    Most of these new webmasters would appreciate any type of training that you might be able to provide to make the transition to the online world easier. Not everyone is naturally gifted at knowing how to build or manage a site and anything you can offer in the way of information would likely be...
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    Why are dedicated servers (hosting) more secured than shared hosting?

    I have read how dedicated servers are more secure than shared hosting. Can you please explain to me why this is true? Also, what are the best reasons to use a dedicated server, especially when it comes to enhanced security.
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    I own a server at home, so why do I need dedicated servers?

    Let's say that I already own a server at home. So then why would I need to buy dedicated hosting from another provider? What benefit would this have for me?
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    Why is managed hosting the ideal solutions for your business?

    Managed hosting is more for the less experienced webmaster or business owner who might want all the advantages of a dedicated server but not want the hassle of having to perform updates or maintenance on their own. The managed hosting company will upgrade scripts, web apps or open source...
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    Can you tell me more about dedicated servers?

    Can you please explain to me the difference between dedicated servers (hosting) and managed hosting or even shared hosting? I would appreciate an over view of the subject as well as a comparison of prices in the market and best companies to work with for dedicated servers or who might best use...
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    Best place to host a Minecraft server?

    My daughter and I are avid Minecraft players, however we would love to own our own Minecraft server. I know how there are many online sites that offer instant Minecraft hosting (sign up and start your own server within a few minutes). However, the thing that stops me from buying is the...
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    What do you know about virtual desktop hosting?

    This type of cloud based service is a good option for someone who has a seminar or university type website to conduct live teaching sessions? I would want to use this in conjunction to my regular website/forum so as to connect with those in the class.
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    What is your average income from your web hosting company?

    How much could I expect to earn per month/year as the owner of a web hosting company? Please give me an estimate based on your own experience in the web hosting business?
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    Are there any unique niches for web hosting companies?

    I'd love to offer a web hosting company that is truly unique and features benefits and features that others don't or targets a unique niche of customers. Can you help me brainstorm this idea?