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Recent content by iFastUK

  1. iFastUK

    How to Track Down Phishing Sites?

    We monitor phishtank
  2. iFastUK

    UK SSD cPanel Web Hosting - 100% Legitimate Licences

    We are pleased to announce our UK cPanel Web Hosting packages. We have seen many providers offering web hosting packages at very low prices and upon checking most of these providers are using "cracked/shared" licences to provide you hosting at these prices, but there is a huge risk when using...
  3. iFastUK

    Ways to Overcome Bad Clients

    Have clear terms and conditions for your clients, have it clear during their order if the service is managed or unmanaged. If they are only paying for an unmanaged service make it clear you are not responsible for everything outline what you cover and do not, if they want something you do not...
  4. iFastUK

    yum update repository error in centos 7

    Are you using SSH or VNC to access the server operating system?