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Recent content by tuxandrew

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    looking for beginner guide to virtual private servers

    VPS are simple server hosted on an operating system of a physical hardware. The VPS shares the hardware resources of the physical server along with other VPS servers created on the same host. The common free virtualized technologies are OPenVZ,XEN,KVM, which are different in their architecture...
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    What is the difference between CloudLinux vs. Cloud Hosting?

    It appears you have pointed the following types, Cloud Hosting - > Hosting the accounts/application in servers running on cloud based platforms like AWS,Azure,DigitalOcean etc. The server type should be virtualized , running on any Hypervisor with lots of advanced feature to customize the...
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    Redirect to the site of the country ip

    If you have an Apache-PHP based server, you can install Mod_GeoIP and Geoip. 1. Mod_GeoIP Apache module that can be used to get the geographic location of the IP address of the visitor into the Apache webserver. This module allows you to determine the visitor’s country, organization, and...
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    How does cloud hosting differ from traditional web hosting?

    In cloud based hosting, basically you should pay only for what you use and all depend on your budget. In cloud environment , you can easily scale up and down the resources with out causing any down times for your website. For this reson will get the option to plan high stability for your...
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    Web hosting suggestion for eCommerce website

    It not advisable to run e-commerce like competitive websites with frequent visitors on a shared hosting server, as it will affect the website performance. Since daily payment processing and updates are frequent on eCommerce like websites, it is not secure to run the database on a shared...
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    images not adding in wordpress article

    The 403 forbidden error can happen on following conditions :- - Check if any .htaccess deny rule in your WordPress website folders or sub folders - Check if any mod_security rules triggering for for the url. - Cross check all file/folder permissions How ever you may need check on the...
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    Lamp vs Lemp stack which one is better?

    LAMP - > Linux Apache MySQL PHP LEMP - > Linux Nginx(Engine-X) ,MySQL,PHP In LEMP, Nginx replaces Apache, even though Apache is highly used web server software, but Nginx is more efficient in static content service than Apache. Nginx will give you better performance for large amounts of...
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    Why are dedicated servers (hosting) more secured than shared hosting?

    In shared hosting servers all the resources on the server is shared among different accounts hosted on the server. The server might be owned by you or belongs to any hosting provider. When considering a dedicated, the dedicated server is a server purchased by you and hosted your own stuff...