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autossl and lets encrypt which one is better for server security ?

currently i had purchased one more managed dedicated server from hostdime datacenter , they advise me to use autossl in cpanel but from my old server provider they had installed lets encrypt . which one is good to use for the long term purpose and for the more security?

i also want to know on enabling automatic ssl for each new cpanel account creation without adding http to https redirects code in .htass to each cpanel.
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Hi mryash it's a shame someone didn't respond to you sooner - cPanel has a built in AutoSSL which is exactly the same as letsencrypt version only they are comodo issued.

You can ask hostdime to install letsencrypt or if you're comfortable with command line you can head to


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I don't know much on autossl, but as I know letsencrypt is quite good. And it works also fine. If possible try also to ask to the support why they suggest you to use autossl. May be it's a technology that they support easily and that they use on their server. So I think you can also try autossl to as soon as it comes by default with cpanel. For configuration, you may see it probably in cpanel.