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I need advice related to the UK domain


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I need advice related to the UK domain, but of course, the principle would be the same for any TLD. I want a domain name for a specific product, let us call this ‘watch’ for now. Unfortunately, all the common domains for both watch and watches have taken, not surprisingly, I suppose. I thought about buywatches.co.uk and see this is not available.

However, I vaguely remembered the Google keyword tool or whatever it is called and looked up search results. Again, using watches as a substitute name, Watch and watches were at the top of the search list, but surprisingly ‘best watches’ was near the top too, far higher than a search for ‘buy watches.’

Does this mean I would be better off buying ‘bestwatch.uk,’ which is available, rather than my initial idea of ‘buywatches.co.uk.’