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Website runs only under Localhost


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I just created a Dynamic website with PHP / MySQL, everything is fine when I work with Xampp in my computer. But after trying to host the site, I find that in the host's PhpMyAdmin (OVH), the data does not update (for example, when I register on the site to reservation, the client table of the PhpMyAdmin database of the host does not change, which is not the case when I realize the same registration in the local server (ie, before importing the site via FTP )). 

I thank you in advance for more information on this subject if you have any ideas. Is this a network problem? or the type of database used is not well?

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I know this post is bit outdated, but just for the record, I'd check to see if you have the appropriate MySQL permissions like UPDATE enabled. Make sure you check your logs as well, they're usually almost always indicative of the error when it comes to PDO.