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Which Hosting Service Provide Free SSL?


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There are many Web Hosting Companies that are providing free SSL Services

There are two types of free SSL certificates: free certificates from your provider or certificates from Let’s Encrypt, mentioned later in this article.

A certificate from your provider might be a shared certificate mentioned earlier or one dedicated to your website under a dedicated hosting plan.

It’s becoming more common for providers to offer free SSL certificates. A lot of providers are participating in the Let’s Encrypt project. Since it costs them next to nothing, it makes a lot of sense for providers to give them away.

The biggest application for SSL certificates has historically been e-commerce. The SSL certificate protects a company wanting to sell goods and services online in several ways.

The encryption between a business’s web server and a customer are encrypted with SSL. This protects important information, like credit card numbers, as we’ve previously established.

It turns out that data breaches are kind of bad for business, unless you’re Experian.

If you’re not a quasi-monopoly, you’ll have to keep your site secure if you want to have any hope of keeping your customers.

The SSL certificate encrypting the connection also proves that you really are who you say you are and not some phishing site trying to run off with people’s credit card numbers yourself.

OV and EV certificates are necessary for compliance with Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards. You won’t be able to process payments without them.

SSL certificates also help your business stand out in search engine results, which brings us to search engine optimization (SEO).


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There are many Free SSL providers now available, Mostly Lets's Encrypt, Cloudfare & more. Even if you will find a free hosting offer with SSL certificates.


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Most of them do now. For example, A2 Hosting provides free SSL, DDoS protection, spam protection, and other security features.