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First I hope this is the good forum for my question.
I have 3 websites that I need your help to choose from,
I looking for Reseller Hosting (to host own seperate websites - each one with own account) and Good Performance for my websites, my sites still not have much traffic, but I looking for hosting that will be good to india (my country) and US.

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First you need to decide on the type of hosting: VPS, Cloud or Dedicated physical server .

After that, you need to decide on:
- the amount of disk space required by your sites;
- a set of technical functions and tools;
- quality technical support;
- value for money hosting service.

It all depends on the specifics of your site, the services you provide, traffic stability and the like.

After doing all of the above, just type in the resulting model in the search bar...

Take the test period and go ahead!
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It Depends on your website and choose hosting according to your website
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depends your budget and requirements and what type of site your running
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Definitely start by researching the different types of web hosting, like sshvps mentioned above, and pick whichever one best fits the type of site you're running.

Another important thing people don't always think about is choosing a provider that has 24/7 customer support if you have trouble or questions.
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It depends on which type of hosting is required according to the size of the site:
On one hand, shared hosting is classic first-boyfriend material — simple and uncomplicated.
VPS, which stands for virtual private server, is a happy middle ground between the casual dating of shared hosting and the commitment of a dedicated server.
High-performing sites need dedicated hosting, which entails using an entire server to power your website or applications.
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You could look always in the offering category. Being a provider and many others post there. It tough to make a right decision. You can trust through how old is your provider in the industry or else you could also go by a brand name. The brand providers are always bit expensive.
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Its all depends on the requirements of your site, the services or products you provide, website traffic
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