Best place to host a Minecraft server?

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My daughter and I are avid Minecraft players, however we would love to own our own Minecraft server. I know how there are many online sites that offer instant Minecraft hosting (sign up and start your own server within a few minutes). However, the thing that stops me from buying is the uncertainty as to which one is the best. There are some really good prices and multiple features, but still I wonder if we would be better off going with a dedicated server. Not sure that would be in our budget. I just like the idea of owning our own Minecraft server online as that would allow us privacy to play the game with select friends, rather than sharing the world with so many others. Any suggestions on best Minecraft host would be appreciated.

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Try to gather as many reviews about its web hosting services (both positive and negative) and serve these as basis in choosing web host providers.
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There are many hosts and every one of them offers 24/7 support, huge space and bandwidth, lots of features at low cost and much, much more. When you face such offers it seems like a great chance is knocking at your door.
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It is a wrong perception, however, that cheap web hosts entail poor quality of services because there are really, indeed, reputable web host providers that are offering affordable or cheap web hosting packages.
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