Why are dedicated servers (hosting) more secured than shared hosting?

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I have read how dedicated servers are more secure than shared hosting. Can you please explain to me why this is true? Also, what are the best reasons to use a dedicated server, especially when it comes to enhanced security.

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With shared hosting, your site can fall victim to malware, viruses or intrusion hacks when other sites on the same server have poor security measures. However, with a dedicated server, the entire server is only available to you, so the security issues of other sites won't affect yours. The only people who would have access to your site other than yourself (and your IT team) are the staff of the site which manages your hosting. And, these people are very invested in keeping you safe.
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dedicated hosting is more secured than shared because in this you use their own server and nobody can share it.
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A dedicated server is an entire server configured for you rather than shared hosting.
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Dedicated servers are not shared by other users.
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On a dedicated server, you have full control, and full access and full resources. But on a shared hosting you only have to manage your allocated space. And if a website, is loaded on the shared hosting, it can affect your visitors also causing lags.
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Dedicated Server, an exclusive services refers to the rental use of specified computer system suitable for those who seeking for a high stability server, which is have more security and no need to share hard disk space with other users. Moreover, dedicated server could be maintained or managing the server space by its own users too.
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