What are the differences between dedicated and VPS?

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Hello. I am a relative novice at this but I see that the forum is full of expertise, and I have always wondered what the difference between a dedicated and VPS , apart from the fact that the server is DEDICATED and not shared, which I think will be the principal. A good VPS is better than a low-end DEDICATED? Is it better to have 20 pages on 1 only have 2 dedicated or VPS with 10 pages each? 1 Is it better with 2 IP'so two dedicated vps? so I can be me all morning ..... I guess like everything else, it depends, but I would like some expert horientación, some general horientación.

Thanks in advance.

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In general it depends on your needs, what you offer and what you include. I'll give an example. Better a VPS which your provider performs a dedicated remote that makes backups on the same machine backups. It is also preferable powerful vps to a dedicated few resources. All depends on the price, resources, additional services, .... Also think vps licenses tend to be cheaper but also potentially has devoted greater capacity. My advice is that there are things that you should not play, and others can rate but no better than you have to give priority to a ua another thing. That and with the data you give, say this is better than the other is talk.
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A dedicated server is DEDICATED to your own personal use, while a VPS is split between different users.
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Dedicated server is 100% resource while vps's can be very slow some times if the company are overselling
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In basic, dedicated server is a whole server computer to yourself. On the other hand, a VPS is a virtualized server inside a dedicated server.
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Resources are assigned using a virtualization Openvz , KVM, Vmware and more in VPS but in a dedicated server all the resources are owned by you.
You get a share of resources from a physical node in a VPS plan but it don't happen with a dedicated server.
Resource violation by a user of VPS node could impact other users.
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A dedicated hosting may be a hosting procedure on that a server is devoted for one and solely website. VPS the resources of the server will be split between different websites or hosting accounts. VPS is that the abbreviation type of Virtual Private Server.
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