How do I send a variable from a PHP to AJAX to a form or view?

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Sun Oct 01, 2017 9:31 am


I am trying to get some variables from a php using ajax but I do not know how they are done. 

I have SESSION type variables in PHP, and I want to send them by ajax to a form that is in EXTJS. 

the variable is of this type: $ default_name = $ _SESSION ['default_name']; 

Someone could give me an example of how to send a variable from PHP by AJAX to another?, Because I see pure examples passing data from a form by ajax to php but not backwards. 

Any ideas? 

Thank you very much!!

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Sun Oct 01, 2017 9:38 am

If you pass the php variables to an input type hidden:

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<input type = "hidden" id = "empr_name" value = "<? Php echo $ _SESSION ['empr_name']; ?>" />
And then you retrieve that value with jquery or javascript or the other would be that those session variables can be obtained from a php file (that only delivers those variables), for example getVariables.php and query that file through ajax and once rescued send them to the file you need :)
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With jQuery, assuming is a POST:

$.post(‘mypage.php’, $(‘#myForm’).serialize())
.then(function(res) { // Success
I used a promise-style callback (.then) instead of using the third arg of the $.post function because it's more clear to read.

Anyway, the $.serialize function creates a URL encoded string, and it's perfect for these cases.


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