looking for a good whitelabel VPS reseller

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I am a web developer and web designer and I want to expand my services with web hosting and want to choose a managed whitelabel VPS reseller . 
There are hundreds of hosting companies and I do not see the forest through the trees anymore. 

What I'm not looking for: 
1. A reseller who wants to offer me a reseller package 
2. Slow websites 

What I'm looking for:
1. Provider that solves the problems and quickly, to prevent customers from leaving. 
2. Websites must be fast 
3. Websites may not be offline 
4. I want to offer hosting, domain name registration and VPS for my clients 
5. Managed VPS

If you also have a managed whitelabel VPS reseller and are you satisfied with the them, I would like to know the name.

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Are you looking for the offer like purchasing upfront resources and reselling it or on-demand resources and reselling it?
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Please tell me where you want location?
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Can you please tell me what is the location you offering ?
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Can you please share what do you want? are you looking VPS location on another place?
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Off the top of my head doesn't knownhost.com have a reseller program? That would pretty much meet your requirements especially point 5

With point 4 (I want to offer hosting, domain name registration and VPS for my clients)

There are plenty of reputable domain resellers out there resell.biz, opensrs.com, resellerclub.com and internetbs.net to name a few.
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