Unblock Firewall CSF Configuration for Resellers

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Hello Everyone, 

I want to enable CSF Unblock Firewall on reseller, so resellers can open ip client blocked by firewall. I've tried configuring the Edit Reseller Privileges

WHM> Edit Reseller Nameservers and Privileges> Third Party 
# Services> ConfigServer Security & Firewall (Reseller UI). " 

However, when clicking ConfigServer Security & Firewall access in the page view reseller appears: " You do not have access to ConfigServer Firewall " 

Please tell me the solution for it.

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Still in a need?
Pm me - ill try to explain you.
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IT must have some root permissions that is not allowing to view it by resellers.
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It is not possible since WHM doesn't support this functionality
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To enable this option required root permission (Edit Reseller Nameservers and Privileges). And no one can provide this root permission to enable Firewall option for reseller account.
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