[Tutorial]how to test the speed of your hosting as visitors increase (for free)

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This will just be a simple tutorial on how to test the speed of your hosting provider as the number of visitors on your website increase. This is great for hosting services to demonstrate that their service can perform well under stress, and it's also great for website owners who are curious on how well their website can perform under stress.

Step 1: Go to

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Step 2: There will be a box with a button next to it that says "Run Free Test". Enter your website URL into the box and click Run Free Test.

Step 3: It will prompt you to sign up, if you want to sign up you can, but it's not needed. If you don't want an account, just click no, start test.

Step 4: Load Impact will now send visitors to your site and will make a graph of how well your website performs as visitors increase. If your user load time stays the same as visitors increase, that's a good sign that your hosting is stable and can perform well even under lots of traffic. However, if your user load time increases as visitors increase, it's a sign that you should probably switch services sometime soon (assuming you're site receives traffic).

Example of a good host:


Example of a bad host:

Notice that the good host remains pretty consistent and fast and the bad host is inconsistent as load times spike when visitors increase.

Hope you guys liked this tutorial.
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This post is really helpful for the webhosting company owners at their initial stage. Thanks for share.
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@nhtadmin thanks for info I just checked and i am really happy with it.this is really very good for web hosting companies ..thanks again
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thx bro, that was a great, are there any other services that provide this
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