Live chat feature for a web hosting company

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When you use a live chat option on your hosting website, you can chat live with potential customers and gain more information about the customer as to what they need. You can use the live chat feature to point out packages which might suit your customer's needs.

What do you think of using the live chat feature for your hosting company?

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Live chat option is a prefect way to increase your conversion rates. It is much faster than email and more efficient than call. 

The live chat feature gives the agents a chance to get to understand the target audience that is attracted to your business. More importantly, in combination with big data, your company can collect data about customers and improve its services continually, which leads to an increased numbers of sales, improving conversion rates and profits margins of the company.

Make sure that your customer support agents or sales agents are trained to communicate appropriately, as it is going to significantly affect the amount of returning customers.
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One of the best advantage of Live Chat is that your customer service team can use it to initiate dialogue with your visitors: there is no need to wait for them to contact you. When a visitor arrives at your site, the live chat program can tell you what page they are looking at, where else they have been on your site and a range of other useful information.
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Live chat is a must have feature on the site. Ours is used for sales inquiries and guiding people to the resources they are looking for and all technical requests are handled via support ticket.
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Live chat is great when it's needed. Its helps with converting the average consumer. But there is possibly a con with it annoying consumers that know what they want. Overall I love the tool. Just trying to give some scope to the question :)
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Live chat make your clients feel comfortable to know there is already some ready to help you immediately in an emergency.
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Solving the customers issue/query in real-time with live chat will always helps ti grow the business and customer satisfaction.
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Live chat is very important to help new potential customers. Because before buying your service, they may be willing to ask some complementary information and these ones can help him to decide on the choice.
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Actually Live chat is a very good option nowadays. Like customer if you have fast questions and you dont want to search for that information, you can easy start a chat with online agent and get you answers quick. In sometimes agents in these chats gives some good offers, that are not listed in the website. So if you are a newbie in this business, you must start thinking which online chat to use. I suggest for - it's free.
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Several people say why we need live chat for website actually Live chat is the best option to gain more information from the client and that too is writing. Some time client or customer is not familiar to be on call or via emails as email is lengthy procedure it is more familiar for them to chat to strangers who are actually salesperson of particular web hosting company. So I must say every web hosting company must have Live chat option on there website for 24x7/365 days.

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